Outdoor training seminars and adventures for team-building

Outdoor adventures are the perfect team-building experience for small teams, that need a fresh start and recharge energy levels.

After the heavy lockdowns and long hours of remote working, outdoor adventures are the perfect excuse for a therapeutic kick-off. Design to have a balanced experience to have fun, learn and be in an outdoor environment.

As we are in a small group (max 5 pax) and and in the outdoors we can keep a safe distance, from each other and breath fresh air to oxigenize our bodies.

Its also an opportunity to reconnect with our basic senses like smell, touch, hearing, eyesight, taste, plus an opportunity to detox for some days from technology, mobile devices and computer screens.

For 2 or 3 days we propose a deep connection to nature, sensing again a simple way of life, sleeping under the stars, cooking our own food, learning basic survival skills or even a new sport such as kayaking.

Trekking, kayaking, biking, windsurfing or mix activities like sailing and diving are ideal to bring the team together for a fresh restart. 

Benefits of an outdoor adventure programme.

  • Recover your energy and will power to move forward.
  • Reset your energy levels and feed your soul and body with a refreshing an extraordinarily natural experience. 
  • You will connect to a healthier and stronger version of yourself.
  • Increase resilience.
  • Use your hands to create things.
  • Reconnection to nature, its beauty and power.
  • Broader perspective in general in all situations.
  • More positive attitude.
  • More creativity.
  • Refresh and restart the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective.
  • To be happier.

Results that are meaningful and powerful.

This workshop has a balanced mixture of action and observation, we select activities that support the development of our five senses, listening, seeing, touching, smelling, feeling. We move out of our comfort zone by doing something different that we don’t usually do, in our day to day life.

Kayaking, trekking, sailing or diving are experiences that connect you deeply with nature and challenge you sufficiently into learning new skills and improving your basic primal abilities.


How it works

This workshop is for teams that want to experience a different format of Team Building. It´s designed for small teams that look for truly inspiring teambuilding away from the beaten track to find inspiration and time quality.

Teams or companies, that want to do things differently, that are sensible towards their values and mission, and will like to improve faster and better, developing their awareness.



The outdoor adventure programs can be adapted to your agenda.

  • 2 to 3 days its an ideal time lenght.
  • 1 day programs are available in local destinations.
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