On-line team building games


The Amazing Race

Great online team building activity where participants are engaged in a race around the world, visiting famous landmarks, while resolving quizzes and different challenges in a mission to be finished within a time limit.

Participants will be divided into teams in different breakout rooms, to discuss strategies and delegate task. The quickest and most efficient team could be the winner of the race. 

The Virtual Treasure Hunt- Indiana Jones

In this game, we will travel together to exotic places looking for clues and resolving quizzes that can guide us to discover the hidden treasures.

Participants are divided into breakrooms into smaller groups and working in teams, they have to unfold, their best abilities of communication, delegation, strategy and leadership, to resolve, in the given time all quizzes and find the treasure.


The Virtual Treasure Hunt - Marco Polo
On-line Game

Marco Polo was one of the greatest tradesman and adventurers of all times, being one of the first Europeans to travel to China.

 We will travel around Italy and other exotic areas, looking for great treasures, participants are divided into smaller groups in breakrooms.  Together and working in teams they have to work together bringing out there best abilities of communication, delegation, strategy and leadership, to resolve in the given time, all quizzes and find the treasures.

Virtual Escape the Pyramid On-line Game

Imagine you and your team have been trapped in the Tutankamons pyramid while doing a touristic visit in Egypt.

Escape Pyramid is a game where the main task of team players is to cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks, to progress and accomplish the specific goal in a limited amount of time, of escaping the Piramid before they get trapped forever.

Virtual Online Fun Game

Great Virtual on-line game, to use as an ice breaker or as short team building  game between meetings. 

The Fun teaser its a mix of different games, resolving puzzles, lateral thinking quizzes, and  games to shake and groove your body.

Virtual Murder Mystery On-line Game

Murder Mystery its an engaging and fun online team-building game where the team will exercise many of there abilities and competences.

Let’s play Sherlock Holmes and discover who is the murderer in this exciting adventure taking place in the Old 19th century Manor of Lord Randolph.

Benefits of On-line and Virtual Teambuilding games

On line team building using Virtuals Games can also be fun and engaging and as well, can have meaningful insights in developing our training needs in 5 important main areas like communication, accountability, conflict resolution, decision making and trust. Other benefits of Online teambuilding are:
  • Integrate new teams that have just been formed.
  • To reset strategies, vision, mission and team culture.
  • To bring up the morale and motivation of the team.
  • Teams from merging companies that need integration.
  • Teams that change or need to develop leadership.
  • To readjust the morale and objectives after employment layoffs.
  • Develop a very clear understanding, of what are the team competencies and how we can integrate them into our team culture.
  • To develop our soft skills.
  • Identify our team culture.
  • Identify the team’s purpose.
  • Identify the team’s mission and vision and how this integrates with those of the company.
  • The team will feel motivated, stronger and focused.
  • Learn about other world locations.
  • Cross-cultural awareness.

Teams & Participants

We use online communication platforms such as ZOOM, to prepare the event, or we can adapt to the current platform you are using the most. Online games are friendly to use,  they work well on Google Chrome browser sites.

On-line teambuilding games can be used for multiple teams and a high volume of participants. If the teambuilding is just design as an Ice breaker or for fun purposes, participation can be extended to a high volume of users. If on the contrary is design for training purposes we recommend a max of 20  participants.

Location & Duration

Your teams can be located in there home offices or base office of the company, even if they are in different countries and time zones. They just need to connect at the required time.

We can adapt the duration of the event to your current needs, 1, 2, 4, hours. On line, games have a certain limit and focus attention time, so we recommend they are not too long.


We can design for you a great on-line team building event, tell us your needs and ideas and we will send you a quote assap.

Single Session

25 / per person
  • 1 session
  • 20 to 50 participants
  • 60 to 90 min. session
  • 1 game

Ad hoc Virtual Team Building

Customized price
  • We design your Virtual Team Building
  • 100 to 150 participants
  • 120 min. sessions
  • Choose the games you want
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