Mindfulness Workshops


What is a mindfulness workshop?

There is a certain misconception about meditation and awareness, because we are already aware, from the moment we wake up. Just being alive, is an exercise of pure awareness, in the process of exercising mindfulness, the most important aspect, is, the quality of our awareness.

Noting our breath is the first step to mindfulness, this first step is important to improve our awareness. 

Meditation is a way to increase the quality of our awareness, it’s like lighting up a room with poor light. It’s connecting more and longer with who, you really are and knowing truly, the sensation of living in the present moment.

There are many ways to meditate, walking, running, working, sitting down,  as we practice we perceive our reality much clearer and nitid.

In the beginning, I do recommend meditating sitting down, as is through this stillness that we discover and experience the process of learning awareness.

In this process, we feel our body uncomfortable, restless, we feel deeply the state of our breath and thoughts come and go constantly, our body really doesn’t want to be there. When you finally overcome all these sensations there is a deep sense of enjoyment.

We want to share and teach you the techniques of Mindfulness with breathing, come with us on this beautiful adventure and travel within.

What are online mindfulness workshops like?

The General Objective of our workshop, is learning Mindfulness with breathing.

We will learn the basic technics of the “Anapanasati” meditation that uses breathing as an anchor, to achieve higher states of awareness and consciousness.

The specific objectives of or workshop will be:

Benefits of mindfulness meditation for employees

Duration of the mindfulness workshop

You choose the time, from 45 to 60 minute online workshops.

Number of participants

All movement workshops can be delivered as one to one programs  or for groups.


It will vary depending on the number of participants and the project

Single Meditation Session

30 / per person
  • 1 session
  • 1 to 5 persons
  • 45 min. session
  • Specific issue orientation

Ad hoc Meditation Program

Customized price
  • Personalized number of sessions
  • 10 or more persons
  • 45 to 60 min. sessions
  • 1 month programme
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