Low pressure fitness workshops


What is low pressure fitness?

Low-Pressure Fitness is a training system that combines, hypopressive exercise techniques, postural re-education and the most advanced exercise science-training methodology.

As its name indicates, low-pressure fitness, trains the main muscle chains, while reducing intra-abdominal pressure, providing greater flexibility and a general tone up of all the muscles in a gentle and smooth progression.

The breathing technique of hypotensives dates back to the ancient yoga breathing technique called Uddiyana Bandha. Yoga practitioners have been doing it, for thousands of years for various purposes such as visceral mobilization, respiratory muscle strengthening and re-energizing body and mind.

Low pressure fitness is more than just exercises

From the fitness perspective, it’s a low impact-training system, defined with postural and respiratory exercises associated with a specific execution rhythm and training methodology. It strengthens the whole body, regulates our breathing rhythm and increases flexibility.

The sequence of exercises is performed in a determinate, order and they are adapted to individual needs, following a specific cadence, to maintain control of the respiratory rhythm while moving into different postures, these postures can be combined with certain movements.

Main goals for online Low pressure fitness training

The objective is to have a complete physical exercise program, that does not cause excessive increases, in intra-abdominal pressure and at the same time trains the stabilizing muscles of the body thoroughly.

Hypopressive exercises cause a “suction effect” in the abdominal-pelvic area due to the diaphragmatic aspiration that is performed during practice, reducing intra-abdominal pressure. Practising 3 times a week can reduce our abdominal perimeter up to 6 cm in a month.

Our core has important responsibilities in the correct functioning of our body, it’s responsible for:

  • Circulation.
  • Digestion.
  • Phonation.
  • Sexual functions.
  • Continence of our excretory system.
  • Anatomical support of our body, standing, walking, running.

Benefits of Low pressure fitness

It will vary depending on the number of participants and the project

Number of participants

All movement workshops can be delivered as one to one programs or for groups.


It will vary depending on the number of participants and the project

Private Hypopressive Session

170 / per person
  • 4 sessions / 1 session per week
  • 1 Person
  • 60 min. session
  • Beginners / Specific issue orientation

Ad hoc Hypopresive Program

Customized price
  • Personalized number of sessions
  • 1 to 5 person max
  • 60 min. sessions
  • 3 month programme
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