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In recent studies about sedentary habits, we spend an average time of 6.5 hours a day sitting down, and most probably, with remote working the number of hours has increased. 

CHAIR YOGA, or yoga from the chair, was developed in India some years ago and today, it’s a common practice in many multinationals. Chair Yoga is a sequence of different yoga exercises applied and designed to be done in the office from your chair or workspace. 

Musculoskeletal injuries account for around 85% of occupational diseases that originate in the corporate world. In addition to physical ailments, other causes also appear, such as physical fatigue, loss of vision and stress.

In the current years, different ailments related to static positions and lack of mobility have appeared, such as muscle hypertrophy, spondylitis, cervicalgia, frozen shoulder and in general any ailment related to the back or spine.

All the joints of the body are made to move in almost all planes of space, immobility or repetitive movements are the cause of many cervical, shoulder, neck and back injuries.

Excessive hours, in the work stations with the computer, leads us, to acquire very forced postures. Hours and days, are cumulative, causing tensions and deformations in the muscles and joints.

With these exercises we will eliminate these tensions and do them every day, we will avoid physical pain and non-proactive emotional states.

How it works?

The worker can perform micro yoga sessions, when needed, in very short periods of time, to relax and stretch, promote blood flow and oxygenation of all those muscles, tendons and joints that, due to lack of mobility, tend to accumulate pain or tension.

The advantage of these exercises, once the technique has been taught, is that they can be practised autonomously, always taking into account the physical limitations of each one and their state of health.

Static posture and poor ergonomic adaptation of the workplace are the main causes of the appearance of these discomforts. In addition, there are other factors such as excessive static electricity, lack of humidity and good air in the facilities, as well as too many hours in the same position. This causes the muscles to contract creating fatigue, or the appearance of different ailments that can become chronic.

With the practice of CHAIR YOGA, we manage to improve the paravertebral muscles in general, at all levels, cervical, dorsal and lumbar, and it will help us to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in addition to improving our emotional state and stress levels.

A fundamental element in learning  CHAIR YOGA is the breathing techniques, which accompany all exercises.

How do we start?

I offer a free online session, where you can experience some of the exercises for CHAIR YOGA.

I can deliver this workshop in 3 sessions of 90 minutes approx.

I can create a personal coaching movement training plan, supported by an online platform of more done 500 triggers or exercises, that use online, from your computer or mobile device.


You choose the time, from 45 to 60 minute online workshops.

1 or 2 60 minute coaching sessions a month, combined with our online platform. 

What should you expect?

  • Less stress on your workplace. 
  • Flexibility for body and mind.
  • Prevent spine and articulation injuries.
  • Balance your nervous system. 
  • Increased energy more clarity and a sense of focus.
  • Adapted for all ages and conditions.
  • Transcend anxiety, depression and fear and turn it all into a perfect flow personality.
  • Learn how to breathe correctly & optimize breathing to boost your immune system & overall health.

Number of participants

  • All movement workshops can be delivered as one to one  programs or for groups.


It will vary depending on the number of participants and the project

Chair Yoga Session

35 / per person
  • 1 session
  • 1 to 5 persons
  • 90 min. session
  • Specific issue orientation

General Chair Yoga Program

10 / per person
  • 1 session
  • 10 to 50 persons
  • 90 min. session
  • General programme orientation
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