Breathing Workshops


What is a breath workshop?

More than ever, learning how to breathe is an essential part of our life, in these times where COVID has struck hard, and we are wearing face masks most of the time, we need to exercise our breathing system and strengthen all muscles, involved in our breath.

I invite you to try this simple exercise; stop, for a moment, close your eyes and observe your breath, feel it, discover how you breathe… 

Good job!

Now let’s try something else, observe if:

  • Your breath is short or long?
  • How long and profound can you inhale and exhale?
  • Do you feel the need to breathe more through your mouth or your nose? 
  • Is it continuous, or discontinuous?

Observing is the first step, to re-learn how to breathe. We usually take breathing for granted, as it’s something we do naturally and we usually don’t take time to be aware of how we breathe. But breath, the same as our body, needs training and the better we breath, the better quality of life we have.

Becoming intimate with our breath and observing it, is the first step to developing the awareness of observing, which is already an enormous step in learning how to breathe better. 

Breathing better is the pathway to increased awareness and mindfulness. How we breathe, determines our attitude towards life and all that’s related to it, family, relations, work.

About our breathing workshops online

The General Objective of our workshop is to re-learn how to breathe.

We will take a deep dive, step by step into different breathing technics that will help us, to re-educate ourselves to be more aware of our breath, learning how to use breath better in different life situations.

But there are of course some specific objectives that we will seek.

These are:

Benefits of the Breathing Workshop:

The benefits of correct breathing are immense and have been studied by modern science, some of these benefits are:


Number of participants


We share our general price list, although prices may vary depending on the size of the group and the project.

Group Breathing Session

30 / per person
  • 1 session
  • 1 to 5 persons
  • 60 min. session
  • Specific issue orientation

Group Breathing Session

10 / per person
  • 1 session
  • 20 to 100 persons
  • 60 min. session
  • General programme orientation
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