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In recent studies about sedentary habits, we spend an average time of 6.5 hours a day sitting down, and most probably, with remote working the number of hours has increased. 

Creating a movement plan in our daily agenda is necessary to maintain an optimal boy/mind balance. Maintaining a certain level of mobility and flexibility of our body structures (skeleton, muscles and organs) is of vital importance to maintain optimal health.  

Our movement on-line workshops are designed for you, to learn, how to incorporate gentle and low-intensity movements combined with breathing technics to balance body mind and energy. This is the base to feel happier and more proactive. 

 When our bodies are stronger and better trained we also develop a resilient mind to confront difficult situations in a more open and positive approach.

How it works?

Our concept of movement is based on developing the core of our ecosystem, body, mind and soul. We produce energy when we move, the same way a dynamo produces energy.  

I combine breathing, mindfulness, and movement to help you reach a state of flow, that will bring more awareness and focused energy to your daily life.

I work in 3 main body movement systems that can be learned easily and practised in any space, at home, in the office, the outdoors.

A great advantage also in this current times is that it can be taught online, to small or large groups.

We have an amazing online platform, of more than 500 triggers and exercises for you to practice and learn.

How do we start?

I offer a free on-line session, where you can experience any of our flow movement triggers.

I can deliver and plan for you or your team, a movement workshop wether is Yoga, Chair Yoga, Breath, Mindfulness or a blend of all of them.

I can create a personal coaching movement training plan supported by an online platform of more done 500 triggers or exercises, that use online, from your computer or mobile device.


You choose the time, from 45 to 60 minute online workshops.

1 or 2 60 minute coaching sessions a month, combined with our online platform. 

What should you expect?

Our Movement Workshops

Breathing Workshops

Breathing Workshops

Low pressure fitness workshops

Low pressure fitness workshops

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness Workshops

Flow Movement Workshops

Flow Movement Workshops

Chair Yoga Workshops

Chair Yoga Workshops

Number of participants

  • All movement workshops can be delivered as one to one  programs  or for groups.


It will vary depending on the number of participants and the project

Single Session

300 / session
  • 1 session
  • 1 Coachee
  • 120 min. session
  • Specific issue orientation

Ad hoc Coaching Program

Customized price
  • Personalized number of sessions
  • 5 or more coachees
  • 120 min. sessions
  • 6 months programme
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