Team Building Seminars

What is a Team building Seminar?

      I use a creative and powerful experiential learning approach, designing ad-hoc, Team- building seminars with challenging fun games and initiatives, combined with powerful tools, such as 360º feedback or DISC assessments, that help teams to thrive deeper  to define with clarity their purpose values and mission and so bringing more clarity in communication.

       For  90% of all teams in the corporate world, communication is always one of the most important issues, if communication doesn’t work effectively, then it leaks into other issues such as demotivation, lack of interest, bad leadership, poor adaptation and resilience among many other issues.

        Empowering communication from a “non–violent” perspective brings teams to a high state of connection and motivation eliminating many of the barriers, judgments and misconceptions, with which they arrived at first.

         “Communication is a combination of attitudes that imply motivation, energy, awareness, observation and breathing. Taking these 5 elements into practice will dramatically improve our levels of personal and group communication”.

         We need to overcome the feelings of isolation, demotivation or frustration, that come with remote working as part of our new reality. At the same time, we need to readapt to the new ways of working and interacting.

        Communication is the crossroads to being happier and more efficient as a team.

I can help you.

  • To improve communication as a basic pillar for team development. 
  • To improve team motivation, understand the core of motivation and how it works.
  • To have a mindful approach on our everyday chores and relations so you manage better energy levels and relations.
  • To re-design if needed what’s our purpose as a team, envisioning our mission and values.

Values the team gets after a Team building seminar.

  • Better communication, understanding how non-violent communication is and how it works better in a corporate environment.
  • Understanding the purpose and importance of my work.
  • Reset your energy levels and feed your soul and body with a refreshing and extraordinarily natural experience. 
  • Each team member will connect to a healthier and stronger version of himself.
  • Increase resilience.
  • Use your hands to create things. Get creative.
  • Reconnection to nature, its beauty and power.
  • Broader perspective in general in all situations.
  • More positive attitude.
  • More creativity.
  • Refresh and restart the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective.
  • To be happier.

Some Ideas for your Seminars

I have designed specific seminars relevant to these themes:

DESIGN YOUR TEAM: Reboot your team’s energy and motivation, we identify where we stand on our four main competencies, regarding, communication, mission, vision, values and purpose.

THE DISC SEMINAR: DISC is a fun way to really know the team and identify our core strengths and what we can achieve better, from a personal perspective and team general view.  As certified coaches of TTI, we help you design your team better and understand the personal changes you can implement. The tool is translated into 54 languages, so we can work worldwide to help you construct your dream team.

CROSS-CULTURAL SEMINAR: This seminar is great for intercultural teams with different nationalities. Its focus is on creating a common ground to share knowledge and ways about, our different cultures, backgrounds and languages. It’s an opportunity to create a common spirit and invest time in each other better to find the similarities that can help the team, form a solid base of understanding, grow strong, get to know and be more effective within the corporate setup.


Tell me your needs or ideas and I will design a great seminar for you.

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