“The movement of the body and the action, guide us, towards a more pure and direct connection with our potential and our capacities. Change involves moving and deciding my destiny”. Robert Brown

Throughout all these years of facilitating Team Building seminars, I have always used “Experiential learning” as the main methodology to ignite the team spirit into participants and generate interest in looking within, and find their strength and power to develop soft skills and competencies. Experiential Learning, increases the interest to learn, leads the participant to a more creative terrain and makes him identify with his own knowledge or even rescue that forgotten knowledge. Is a motivating, inclusive, participative, fun way of learning, also generates serious learning commitments.

Teamwork can´t exist, if there is no personal decision and commitment, we must be willing to share, learn, assign, lead, trust and be trustworthy and above all be very positive.

I have been facilitating for 20 years, I have developed my own system of facilitation and active learning with tools that show their effectiveness. I work in a holistic way, contemplating the team as a whole group of individualities, all necessary and important to be able to take the teams great…

My workshops are a powerful and creative combination of games, challenges, yoga, and breathing experiences in nature.  Initiatives that help us, to learn in a more fun effective environment.

I believe in the power of “experiential learning” as a proposal to develop more effective, strong and happy teams, is potentially very effective.


  • It moves us away from our usual work environment, it is difficult to generate teams in our working environments, communicating only by email and only focused on solving our tasks, sometimes we need to stop and recap, and see where we are and where we want to be. Many teams with whom, I have worked, concluded, that it is of vital importance, to have small meetings at least once a day, having a coffee, seeing the faces and recapping on “where we are” and  “what are we doing”.
  • All the teams work with a series of rules or alliances, which help them to establish where the limits and forms of coexistence are, and how to manage the relations more fluently. These Alliances generate more structure, commitment, trust. Having the time and space to reformat or review the value of our alliance as a team is of vital importance to create a safe space where everyone is alienated and walks towards common goals.
  • Creating a safe psychological environment, where each team member feels listened to and valued in their ideas and opinions, is one of the essential pillars on which a team grows and develops healthily. This generates great doses of motivation and personal initiative and puts in value many new ideas.  Many team managers have expressed to me in different projects that they would like each team member to have more initiative, to provide more ideas and be more creative, personally, I think this is one of the most important keys to achieve.
  • To know us more and better, to approach each other openly and establish a dialogue and a true listening and respecting dialogue from the heart. Live and feel from our emotional intelligence, letting us catch the amazement of knowing a little more about our teammates. During the workshops, there are many participants, who have expressed how important it has been, for them to know a little more about the life of their co-workers, this has bonded, them more, breaking many prejudices or preconceived ideas.
  • Creating an action plan is vital, refreshing and inspiring, it gives the team a different identity, and opens a space and an opportunity to create something new as a team and be happier therefore more productive. To identify, what are we going to do? How are we going to do it? And who is doing it?

Results we achieve with learning experience …

Experiential Learning helps to:

  • Strengthen team performance and staff.
  • Motivate.
  • Develop our skills and competencies.
  • To discover our values and the values of other companions.
  • Opens a pro-active space for communication.
  • To give depth and to fix learning in its entirety.
  • It stimulates creative thinking.
  • It enhances employees morale and personal responsibility.
  • It acts effectively in the satisfaction of our internal and external clients.
  • Integrates and absorbs any content of our business.
  • It practically strengthens our leadership skills.
  • It helps people discover and value the skills of other team members.
  • Have fun, laugh, relax.

Article writen by: Robert Brown.

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