Meaning of “playing” according to Robert Brown.

I have looked in the dictionary the meaning of the word “play”, according to ( PLAY means to “Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose”

It’s a very appropriate definition from a very generic approach, and so I would love in this article to add more to the significance of PLAY, as probably one of the greatest and now probably most forgotten actions of human beings.

After 20 years, organizing games and adventures for groups, I feel that this great word and verb has a very profound and significant meaning.

Playing is a moment of absolute magic, you enter a dimension, almost esoteric and spiritual, you enter the world of elementary beings, elves and fairies, you lose in some way the notion of time, you forget about yourself and the circumstances that surround you, it is an absolute state of flow.

When we play, we become energy in motion, each person plays his own game, and creates his own movement, creates certain chaos, but it is tidy and meaningful chaos.

If looking at a game from above, we could draw or represent the movement, this would be very similar, to the circular movements that the water plays in the process of flowing down the mountain, or even in the creative form of flowers and plants.

Playing is an adventure within our soul, mind and body, it’s a disrupter in the normality of our lives because we do it with no reason or purpose that will give us something in return. We play just for the sake and fun of playing we are not searching for anything specific, we just collide with an explosion of fun and joy that seems endless.

Playing orders, our inner chaos and there we find the pure awareness of happiness. Playing is wonderful.

Written by: Robert Brown.

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