A brief example of a reviewing process, during a game called “Moon Ball”

This article is a short example of what the participants of a team building seminar, discover or learn during the process of playing a game.

… be more experience, be more intuitive, know which, are the keys to, have a more spontaneous and intuitive communication. Intuition helps you to act without hesitation”

Our training is essentially based on this simple scheme. All games, challenges, initiatives, high and low ropes challenges, exercises of confidence and other activities that we design and integrate with an event, provoke or accelerate, the value of the  experiences we are having at the time, each experience is framed within a specific context, which is related to the working experience of the participants

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING, is to know how to combine and mix the games and periods of reviewing, in a balanced and effective way.

The learning or expression of what, we are experiencing arises during the dynamics of the game. As facilitators it is important to observe when this happens, each game establishes a different relational dynamic, not all games provoke the same inspiration, nor the same degree of review, sometimes silence is even good.

The order or progression of the dynamics is very important, to achieve a greater or lesser depth of reviewing.

I share, an example, collected from one of our activities called “Moon Ball” the main objective of this game is to keep in the air, a big ball, determined number, of touches, this number of touches is decided by the team, nº of times = goal of the team, this goal can be mirrored to the real objective of the team in the company ( for example yearly income)

We asked the team:

What does the ball symbolize for you?

  • A team.
  • Move like a ball, all together, in the same direction.
  • And if it falls, nothing happens, we would try again.

What do you need as a team?

  • Get to know each other more.
  • Accompany more, transmit more what I know.
  • Give a positive turn to things.
  • Be more patient, less stubborn.
  • Support, look at what needs there are and facilitate that they are carried out.
  • We lack valuing others and confidence.
  • I put more emphasis on accomplishments.
  • We need more communication with our mates.  
  • We need consensus.
  • We need more equipment.
  • We need to develop concrete targets.
  • More and better planning.

Some reflections after the game, after asking the following question:

What would we need, IN our, day-to-day life, as a team?

  • If there was, more communication and more patience, there would be changes, we would act differently and we would have greater and better results.
  • Staying with something or a fixed idea, it’s no good, it’s of no use at all.
  • Reaching frustration doesn’t help, it is more objective to move, step by step, complying with them.
  • More patience and …. a more active communication.
  • Trust in my co-workers.
  • Failures and accomplishments are part of the whole team.
  • With everyone’s support, we were achieving good results.
  • The objective, with the ball, we have identified it and we have achieved it.

Our way of working and the focus of our training is eminently practical, its achieved by games and movement, it allows us to express in a more comfortable manner, what we feel and what we need, the team manages to feel the full meaning, of what is and it represents team of work. The experience in itself of those days is recorded for life, regardless of what that team lasts.

It is easy and accessible to measure the impact and return of experiential training but to do so, we must establish and implement continuity tools that facilitate and maintain the process of individual change and the team. For us, the ideal form, are the techniques of coaching and team-building work-shops every 6 months.

Robert Brown and his networking team have been working in this field for 20 years, I like to describe myself and my coworkers as “ADVENTURE LEARNING artisan” I design, according to the needs that each client has.

Article written by: Roberto Brown.

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