A brief example of a reviewing process, during a game called “Moon Ball”

This article is a short example of what the participants of a team building seminar, discover or learn during the process of playing a game. “… be more experience, be more intuitive, know which, are the keys to, have a more spontaneous and intuitive communication. Intuition helps you to act without hesitation” Our training is essentially based … Read more

What is Experiential Learning?

“The movement of the body and the action, guide us, towards a more pure and direct connection with our potential and our capacities. Change involves moving and deciding my destiny”. Robert Brown Throughout all these years of facilitating Team Building seminars, I have always used “Experiential learning” as the main methodology to ignite the team … Read more

The meaning of ‘playing’

Meaning of “playing” according to Robert Brown. I have looked in the dictionary the meaning of the word “play”, according to (https://www.lexico.com/definition/play) PLAY means to “Engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose” It’s a very appropriate definition from a very generic approach, and so I would love in … Read more

Origins of experiential learning methodology “outdoor training”

This methodology was born, 37 years ago and it’s based on different, humanist psychology theories such us the constructivism theories as defined by (Fosnot, 1996; Noddings, 1990). Humanist psychology movements foment Humanistic theories that stress the ultimate good of humans and their potential, creativity, health, hope, meaning, connection, purpose, and ability to reach self-actualization, or for individuals … Read more

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