A story of teambuilding

Movement heals the heart mind and body

Hello, I consider myself a crafter of games and meaningful adventures. I design holistic transformational teambuilding seminars and adventures to reignite team purpose and improve communication skills. 

I use a creative and powerful experiential learning approach, designing ad-hoc, team building seminars with challenging fun games and initiatives, combined with powerful tools, such as 360º feedback or DISC assessments, that give teams a powerful insight to define with clarity and purpose their values and mission and so bringing more clarity in communication.

A team becomes a true team when it works to empower communication from a “non–violent” perspective bringing team members to a high state of connection and motivation eliminating many of the barriers, judgments and misconceptions, with which they arrived at first.

         “Communication is a combination of attitudes that imply motivation, energy, awareness, observation and breathing. Taking these 5 elements into practice will dramatically improve our levels of personal and group communication”.

How Does It Work?

Facilitating the process

As a Coach and Facilitator, I will guide and facilitate your process of self-transformation and learning. 

Change comes through action, I use activities, games, and initiatives, that help the team to unblock emotions, feelings, or fears so as to make communication, sharing, and collaboration easier.

All these games and activities create what I identify as the bridge to our inner child, once we connect with him, the ability of the team to flow into a highly effective team is amazing.

Yoga, breathing, meditation, games are truly life-transforming tools.

I also collaborate with different companies that have amazing products and services that combined with guidance and facilitation will add up immense value to your training needs.

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